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Sam Savage Art Exhibition – Sam Savage Exhibits at Synergy Market

“I find that faces and bodies speak a language of their own – often different from the intended message of the speaker. This is what fascinates me about the people I try to capture, and the world as a whole. A quite common inability to express, or read, subtle emotional messages. All the talk is about sharing emotions, but so often the body tells the careful observer that the expressed emotion is false.
I hope to intrigue my audience by sharing with them the love of colour, but also in a more obvious manner, that which we subconsciously read from one another on a daily basis” – Sam

Entrance: Free

GPS coordinates:
-25.955341, 27.522682
25°57’19.2″S 27°31’21.7″E
Paganini’s Pizzeria
Portion 9 New Thorndale R24, Magaliesburg

082 620 6369